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Wyandotte Precision Products


Economic Development for the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma

On June 1st, 2011, the Economic Development department of Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma purchased Howard's Machine Shop in Carthage, MO.

Howard's had been in business since 1979 and had built a strong reputation for producing precision replacement parts for the food processing industry and other businesses in the area. 

With the acquisition complete, the new company, called Wyandotte Precision Products (WPP), hired the key personnel of Howard's Machine and began supplying quality machined parts to our (formerly Howard's) customers, with the commitment to continually improve the quality, procedures and pricing for our customer base. 

In October 2011, the relocation to our new location at the Joplin Airport, was completed . The new building offers 10,500 square feet of shop space with 3,000 square feet for our offices, quality lab and lunchroom.

Our experienced and dedicated machinist can produce, reproduce, design, engineer, and reverse engineer nearly anything from a drawing, part, broken part, or even an idea. We have successfully made replacement parts for everything from bottling machines and turkey choppers, to aluminum extruders and explosives mixers. 

Quality and Safety have become the focus at Wyandotte Precision Products and we are working hard to improve both. A quality lab was set up with all calibrated measuring devices. All measuring equipment in the shop

has been calibrated and logged with a re-calibration schedule. Work order, work flow, testing and quality control procedures are continually being tested and improved. All drawings are being digitized and archived to secure servers with remote backup for availability and preservation. 

Wyandotte Precision Products has the experience, expertise, dedication and personnel to be the best at what we do. If your company needs a reliable supplier of precision parts, contact us or come by our location at the Joplin airport.